Privacy Concerns After Shiekah Vote to Sell Slate Users Data

HYRULE – A local Hyrulian is expressing privacy concerns after the Shiekah voted unanimously for a law which would allow¬†the sale of Shiekah Slate users’ data. “This is a total breach of privacy and is unacceptable” said the Hyrulian who wished to remain anonymous out of fear his identity could be revealed. “I have very personal information on my Slate that could easily be used for extortion”.

Shiekah Slate’s are very rare but contain vital user data¬†such as Rune usage, location data, as well as a camera. Local Moblin’s are encouraged by the new law, which they hope will reduce random acts of violence against various Moblin communities by a slate-wielding sociopath. “He comes at times of the day to terrify us”, says one Moblin who has witnessed several attacks, “He throws bombs into our camp, freezes some of us in time, steals our possessions, and after he is done his massacre he takes photos of it! It’s disgusting and he needs to be stopped! This law is a good step towards putting this psycho in check”.

Photo Source: Nintendo / Via Nintendolife