PSP GOne: Thousands Sacrificed Ahead of PS4 Announcement

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  • February 20, 2013

An anonymous source is claiming hundreds of thousands of PSP Go devices have been sacrificed to an unnamed deity in a Manhattan hotel prior to a Sony press conference scheduled for later today. According the source, the PSP Go devices -some as young as unboxed – were discreetly delivered to the hotel and quickly ushered into a conference room where they were burned in a large pit of fire.

Disturbingly, many of the devices were apparently turned on before being tossed to the flames.

Right now it is unclear as to who was behind the obscene ritual, or what exactly the goal was. Current speculation is that disenchanted Playstation loyalist were using this ritual as a means to dissuade Sony from using a proprietary media format, however that prospect seems very unlikely, even in the face of a higher power.

UPDATE: Hotel guests and staff have been seen throwing their Blackberrys in the open fire pit. This is likely unrelated to the ritual however.

Photo Credit: Flickr