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Evil Objective
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Big Tower Tiny Square 2
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New Trailer and Steam Page

February 24, 2021

Hey Tiny Squares! 

Lot’s of stuff to see today! Check out the all-new screenshots of some of the first few levels of the new tower. You also get your first look at an all new redesigned Big Square. Now he looks quite a bit more ominous than before. He must have put on a covid 50lbs since he grew substantially in size. 

The first gameplay video is attached too! You’ll notice a new enemy, the security bots! They come in two types: lazy and patroller. Either will chase you if you get too close to them. They will chase you until you can find a box to hide in…or until you die (at which point they laugh at you – what bunch of squareholes!). 

Development is hopping along fast so the game will be out in Early Access at the end of March. If you give it a Wishlist on Steam that would make me very happy! https://store.steampowered.com/app/758010/Big_NEON_Tower_VS_Tiny_Square/

Of course the game will be available here on Itch as well! 

Stay tuned for more info as development continues and thanks for your support.

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