Evil Objective

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Evil Objective
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Calgary, Canada
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    New 'Big Tower' Entry
Big Tower Tiny Square 2
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Press Start For Nothing

Game Jam Entries

Game Details:

Created in 72 hours as part of of the Ludum Dare 45 game jam, 'Press Start For Nothing' was a duo effort project based off the theme 'Start With Nothing'.

A narrative driven, single button game. This is a game about nothing. It isn't even really a game. You should quit before you even begin...

Play the game below! (Keyboard/Sound required)

  • Status:
  • Type:
    Game Jam
    (Ludum Dare 45)
  • Date Completed:
    October 2019



This was such a great game! I enjoyed it so much for such the little lifespan it had. Thank you for such vivid storytelling.