Evil Objective

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Evil Objective
Independent Game Developer

Calgary, Canada
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    New 'Big Tower' Entry
Big Tower Tiny Square 2
  • Fun
  • Mobile/Desktop
  • HTML5


Game Jam Entries, Satirical Games

Game Details:

Created in 48 hours as part of of the satirical protest game jam CANDYJAM, 'ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy' was a solo project meant to bring awareness to unfair trademark practices.

ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy received media attention and was mentioned on multiple popular online media outlets.

Play the game below! (Keyboard/Mouse required)

Press WASD to move and mouse to shoot objects.

  • Status:
  • Type:
    Game Jam
    (Candy Jam)
  • Date Completed:
    January 2014


Sharif Sakar
Sharif Sakar

More than 100 hastily prepared titles have already been put forward as part of an organized "Candy Jam" protest against the trademarking of common words, including such gobstoppers such as CAN DThisGameIsNotAboutCandyCanDieCanDieCanDie and the inimitable Candy_Game ("Press to hear Candy.")