GDX Edmonton Post-Mortem

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  So I spent sometime reviewing my GDX experience, specifically with regards to the feedback I received. Below is what I believe went right, what went wrong, and what I want to improve on going forward.  What went right: -Overall positive experience from play testers, including one individual who wanted…

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Go atari

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    After hearing a number of stories of aggressive use of Cease and Desist orders by large game devs/publishers against small developers (including against a lone dev in my local scene) I made this comic and this game. It is extremely disheartening to see small/indie game devs have to…

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Neon Leon Dev Log (Entry 1)

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A Dev Log! I’ve never done one of these before so my apologies if it is a bit rambly or boring (though I suppose if it is boring no one will read it anyways, instead I just become a madman rambling boring thoughts away into nothingness). This is Neon Leon….

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