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Evil Objective
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Calgary, Canada
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    New 'Big Tower' Entry
Big Tower Tiny Square 2
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  • HTML5

Big Tower Tiny Square

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Game Details:

Inspired by single-screen arcade games, Big Tower Tiny Square is one giant level broken up into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously placed. Each section devilishly designed. It will take patience and skill to navigate the maze-like tower. Precision is key to success!

You can play this game for free at  Coolmath Games

  • Status:
  • Type:
    Retail / Licensable
  • Released:
    February 2017


Steam Review

Big Tower Tiny Square is a minimalistic platformer that will try to make you suffer for 1-2 hours while you'll be trying to beat it. Good news - it's easier than, for example, Super Meat Boy.

Steam Review

Great challenge and very smooth game overall, super fun to speedrun.

Steam Review

I will save you pineapple. Tiny square to the rescue! Love this game, great for passing the time.

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